We specialize in maritime savings through a more efficient
and effective way of inspections.

We are a company dedicated in providing importers, exporters, insurance companies, cargo owners, charters, the naval industry and the maritime industry overall, through a wide array of maritime inspections services with specialized attention and detail.

What can our Company do for you

We look after your interests from the time the vessel’s nomination all the way to its departure date.
This includes at least 20 different integrated services on each ship. That and more is what makes us unique and different from any other local competitor

  • On/off bunker survey
  • On/off bunker survey & condition survey
  • Bunker/Detective survey
  • Bunker survey and monitor bunkering ops
  • Cargo survey
  • Supervision of cargo loading (stowage and trimming) and discharge
  • Mooring Lines Inspections
  • Draught Survey
  • Inspection of cranes, bollards, lifting equipment
  • Cargo preloading inspection
  • Cargo hold’s inspection and sealing
  • Hatch Cover Watertight test (Hose and/or Ultrasonic test)